The Relationship Between Culture And ELT

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Vol. a few, No . four, 2013

The Relationship among Culture and ELT: The Representation of Aesthetic Feeling Culture in " Oxford Progressive English” Mumtaz Ahmed*1, Sayed Kazim Shah2

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Federal government Postgraduate College of Science, Samanabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan Department of English Linguistics, Authorities College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan * E-mail of the related author: [email protected] com


The present studies basically a qualitative study using likewise quantitative methods which require the part of culture in English language instructing (ELT) primarily focusing on Pakistani context. Your research makes speculation that the Pakistaner learners of English (especially from faith based and rural cultural background) are demotivated to learn English language because the textbooks developed to them by foreign textbook copy writers are broadly irrelevant. The analysis involved analysis of " Oxford Progressive English” (OPE) textbook series for social relevance. For evaluation the information was collected from " Oxford Accelerating English” series designed especially for Pakistani learners of The english language. An evaluation style was developed intended for the content analysis of the OPE textbooks intended for cultural significance from Adaskou, Britten and Fashi (1990) and the info has been examined to explore in the textbook series the ethnic gaps between your target lifestyle and the learner's culture in the aspect of artistic sense culture. Various occasions regarding ethnic contrast during these textbooks have been highlighted and their irrelevance to Pakistani tradition has been investigated. The results of the exploration show that the OPE textbooks by the overseas authors generally focus on the prospective culture with little understanding and information of the indigenous or spanish student culture. Moreover, the learner culture is presented while negative stereotypes. The OPE textbooks happen to be culturally prejudiced and based upon hidden curriculum to impart Western values among the fresh learners to westernize them.

Key words: ELT, Aesthetic perception culture or high traditions, colonialism, hidden curriculum, determination, textbook analysis,

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Pakistan can be an Islamic Republic wherever English is definitely taught like a foreign language. Prior to the establishment of Pakistan, the Muslim community neither welcomed nor accepted the organization of the United kingdom government in the Sub-continent. To them, the and also the were usurpers, so that they distanced themselves from their fresh masters and always approached them with suspicion and regarded all their establishment of government in the Subcontinent as a missionary adventure. While using appointment of Lord Macaulay, a missionary from the Uk government, the suspicions with the Muslims changed into belief. Having been deputed right here as a college degree reformist, to preach the innocent souls of this location the Christian beliefs plus the Western thoughts through English language language. Because of this, very few Muslims families had been attracted towards English dialect, especially those who were closely fastened with religion. The Muslim religious students of the era also found British language as a potential risk to their culture and cultural values. Additionally, no place was given to that in the syllabus of Muslims' religious corporations (Madrassas).

The British developed their language policies to exchange Persian terminology; the official language of the Mughal empire with English while the official langauge of the authorities. This was carried out for extra-linguistic purposes of colonization and imparting christian values. The purpose defined was going to ‘civilize' the heathens with the subcontinent. The British insurance plan in this regard was highly effective while over fifty years following the end of British regulation in South Asia, the English langauge flourishes and after this it is deemed a passport for entry into high governmental office buildings. Apart from this, particular number of pedagogical and social factors which are the root...

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