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Tutor: Le Thi Tuyet No, M. A. Student: Chu Thi Thailander Hien

School: CHAV e. 17

Scholar's Code: 161015

Cantho -- December, 2010




2. 1 . Definition of Strategies4

II. 2 . Difference between Approaches and Skills4

II. three or more. Difference Proper Readers from Poor Readers4

II. some. Some Methods for Teaching Studying Strategies6

II. 4. 1 . Before Reading6

II. four. 2 . During Reading6

II. 4. 3. After Reading6

2. 5. Several Techniques for Educating Reading Strategies6 II. a few. 1 . A lot of Techniques for Educating Before-Reading Strategies7 II. 5. 2 . Several Techniques for Educating During-Reading Strategies7 II. five. 3. Several Techniques for Educating After-Reading Strategies7 II. 6. Kinds of Strategy7

II. 6. 1 . Research Reading8

II. 6. installment payments on your Skimming8

II. 6. three or more. Scanning8

2. 6. some. SQRW8


III. 1 . For Students10

III. 2 . For the Reading Teachers11




Reading is usually an essential skill in human life. Individuals are trained to learn how to read by very early age and they read with many reasons such as reading for pleasure or browsing to gain experience or simply just to know what is happening around them. In academic placing, reading is usually assumed as the central means for learning new information and gaining use of alternative details. Reading as well provides individuals with the foundation for synthesis and critical evaluation skill. In addition , reading is the primary opportinity for independent learning, whether the goal is executing better on academic jobs, learning more about subject matter, or increasing language talents (Grabe and Stoller, because cited in Celce-Murcia, 2001). However , in accordance to Dr . Kathleen Ruler (Reading Approaches, n. g. ) for individuals at college, reading is known as a new knowledge although they had been reading for over 12 years for school or perhaps for pleasure. In addition , academic reading will not be easy; therefore , it is quite difficult for academic pupils to achieve sophisticated goals with out reading tactics. Supporting for this idea, (Hawkins, 1991, mentioned in Celce-Murcia) also stated that " Of all of the skills the child need to acquire in school, reading is the most complex and difficult”. Consequently , English Secondary language students are surely inevitable to face some problems. Firstly, learners might be good at understanding separate terms or even every sentence, nevertheless fail to understand the relationships between the sentences as well as the meaning in the text as a whole. Next, they do not have required knowledge about what they read. Plus the most important problem is that they lack necessary studying strategies. English language Second Language pupils need to learn reading strategies because their knowledge breaks down quickly. They need different methods to procedure reading to help facilitate the reading procedure and provide these a better feeling of what they are reading (Reading strategies for ESL Students, in. d. ). Reading strategies are the most effective means to make them deal with obstructions in reading and become a better reader. Furthermore, with practice, the tactics lead to abilities that turn into automatic and quick as time passes (McNamara and Danielle, 2009). But for pupils at the college, reading can be not simply to perform the task and reading passing is often for a longer time than it is at high school meanwhile not all of them know the reading strategies and how to use them effectively. Therefore , teaching browsing strategies for students becomes necessary. That is the reason why the researcher choose " reading strategies for academics students” as being a topic to complete the research with the hope of bettering the effect with their reading.


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