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Corporate Social Responsibility

Simply by: Allisen Brennan

September 2012

Table of Contents

Low Discriminatory Employing, Promotion, & Retention Practices3 Accessibility3

Environmental Issues3


Green Stores4

Energy & Water Consumption4

Customer Relationships4

Community Assistance & Investments4

Youth Action5

Supplier Relationships5

Farmer Support5

Coffee and Tea Developing Communities5

Not Discriminatory Employing, Promotion, & Retention Methods

Starbucks principles and values the selection of really culture.[1] Starbucks partners (the employees) happen to be sought out and engaged to create a business environment as diverse as the communities and customers they serve. one particular As evidence to their nondiscriminatory practices, Starbucks has gained a fully rating from the Human Legal rights Campaign's Corporate and business Equality Index for the past four year.[2] This rating analyzes what companies are fair and non-discriminatory toward LGBT workers and potential employees. 2

In addition to no discriminatory serves towards staff, Starbucks is additionally working to develop diversity within just it's suppliers, trying to maximize business with minority and women owned suppliers. 1

Ease of access

Starbucks is definitely working toward making is actually stores along with it's work environment accessible for all people with afflictions.[3] They are doing work towards taking away all limitations through the decreasing of hand-off counters where customers get hold of their beverages, and by creating a braille brochure that is currently simply in division in US stores. several Starbucks is usually looking to expand the introduction of disabled people into the workplace through the Starbucks Gain access to Alliance, a forum of current companions looking at how operations can adjust to become more accessible.[4]

Environmental Problems


A lot of the waste made by Starbucks stores occurs behind the scenes by means of cardboard packing containers, milk and syrup containers, and espresso grounds.[5] The success rate of recycling these kinds of materials depends on the availability of economic recycling, which are generally less specially than household recycling, or unavailable completely. 5 Starbucks is working with recycling companies, sorting companies, and local federal government in significant cities to boost and increase the availability of recycling opportunities intended for commercial companies5, and rendering interested consumers with free of charge used espresso grounds to enrich the dirt of their home gardens. five

The success of lowering waste coming from Starbucks' cups relies on two factors, client use of tumblers, and the progress recyclable cup solutions. your five Starbucks stimulates the use of tumblers by offering clients a 10Вў discount whenever they bring in their own reusable cup. 5 Starbucks is aiming to serve 5% of it's beverages in reusable cups or tumblers by 2015, and is working toward that goal with an increase by 1 . 5% in 2009, to at least one. 9% this year.[6] Customers who also plan on staying in store may also request that their beverage be served in a hard mug.[7] Client initiative inside the use of reusable options preserved more than 1 . 5 mil pounds of paper via landfills this year.[8]

Green Retailers

Beginning in 2011, Starbucks has focused to build almost all company-owned retailers to achieve Management in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. 8 The goal of obtaining LEED documentation is in place to help the firm reach really environmental desired goals and deliver long term functioning cost cutbacks. 8 In the 2011 money year, Starbucks was able to build 75% of recent stores to attain LEED documentation. 8 Through the construction of the stores 60 per cent less construction waste was generated8 and contractors were required to employ minimally poisonous methods and practices to enhance the air top quality of the shop.[9] Once open, these stores will require much less water and energy to operate8 by making use of efficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning, Energy Star graded...

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