Modernization Essay

Future of Modernization

Danielle Massie



Christopher Williams

As we begin to wonder the future of modernization, and the likely consequences which can be apt to take place, perhaps we should first review the definition of modernization. To this end we can start by saying modernization is thought of as a concept that states that the development of societies may very well be as a regular evolutionary design that has a trend to activate growth. It is also considered as the notion that identifies the process where society undergoes several phases, including industrialization, urbanization, and various other sociable changes, that tend to totally transform the lives of individuals. One must first take into account that modernization, taken in-and-of- itself, really should not be considered possibly good or bad. Modernization is not really limited to the geographical range of the United States although actually affects people around the world, and features wide ranging results including noteworthy, socially, financially, and ecologically throughout the whole populated universe. Of course , as with most things, there are positive aspects of modernization and also several effects. Perhaps it can be posited that Industrialization began the social changes in the United States society that could be referred to as the modernization of the United States. Although there had been many alterations before industrialization they were probably not as wide-ranging or while monumental. To get the reasons of this conversation we can say that modernization identifies the changes of social patterns since the time of the industrial trend (Macionis, J. J., 2011). These improvements are going to continue, so that we are able to have better and more useful technology. The buildings are actually being created to endure certain circumstance depending on location. We have advanced so much there would be no reason to adopt a step back now. We are finding more and better strategies to improve our everyday...

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