Jp Cements Working Capital Management






Under the Oversight of Submitted by

Shri Ashish Banerjee Deepa Singh

Sr. G. M. (F& A)JNCT

Jaypee Bela Flower

To Whomsoever it may matter

This is to certify that Miss. Deepa Singh has successfully finished her Summertime Internship Record on the Matter ‘Working Capital Management' as fulfillment of requirement of two year PGPM course.

The Report made by her is usually original operate and not been submitted to the other Institute.




Completing Summer Internship Project


July 05, 2009


The Chief Professional Officer

Jai Narain College or university of Technology

Bhopal (M. P. )

This is to certify that Miss Deepa Singh, little girl of Shree. S. M. Singh has successfully accomplished her internship from (18 May, 2009 To 5 Come july 1st, 09) in our organization.

During this time period he/she possessed Leave via:

Performance during this time period was

• Satisfactory:

• Good:

• Very Great:

• Superb:



Office Seal off


Summer Internship is known as a golden chance for any MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION student to learn about all the subjects that get handled in of industry concern. The key purpose of DRINK is to create a strong meaningful and confidence in the college student. SIP plays a very essential role in our life and this proves to get very helpful in providing accessibility to practical understanding and to live as a professionals.

In DRINK every college student should go specific of the assumptive and deductive aspect of his or her topic. That results in better understanding of a particular discipline.

I have got a better possibility to full my six weeks internship in JAYPEE Group which has constructed a great confidence in me personally.

With all the immense pleasure and deep sense of gratitude, I want to bless you Shree, Ashish Baneerjee, Sr. GM(Finance) who have given the golden chance to carry out come july 1st Internship below his reassurance.

It really is with superb pleasure we are delivering this Summer Internships Report upon ‘Working Capital Management, gratefully acknowledge the profound indebtedness toward our Retd. Col. Anthony, GENERAL MOTORS TTG, Jaypee cement split, Rewa (M. P. ).

Lastly, I would like to bless you, Shree Deb. B. Singh Ji, DGM (Fin), Shree. Anand Mohan and all individuals who helped us directly or indirectly in accomplishing Summer Internship Job.

Submitted By Deepa Singh MBA(2 SEMESTER) JNCT

Jaypee Group


With a single minded focus in mind, to achieve pioneering myriads of accomplishment in city engineering Shri. Jaiprakash Gaur, the starting father of Jaiprakash Affiliates Limited following acquiring a Diploma in Municipal Engineering in 1950 from the University of Roorkee, a new stint with Govt. of U. G. and with steadfast willpower to add in region building, branched off by himself, to start being a civil service provider in 1958. The Historical milestone of the Group is demonstrated below in the form of time-line:


Figure 1: Time-Line of Jaypee Group


The Jaypee Group is a very well diversified infrastructural industrial conglomerate in India. Over the many years it has preserved its salience with command in its chosen line of businesses - Executive and Development, Cement, Exclusive Hydropower, Hospitality, Real Estate Expansion, Expressways and Highways. The group continues to be discharging their responsibilities to the satisfaction of its investors and other Indians, summed by its guiding idea of " Growth with a Human Face".

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