Something special from a Son Who also Died

Replace the world

By simply: Krissy and Erica

Wooh oh wooh oh wooh oohВ

Ooh yeahВ

Merely could reach the starsВ

Pull one particular down pertaining to youВ

Glowing on my heartВ

So you could see the trueВ

That is appreciate I have insideВ

Is everything that seemsВ

Nevertheless for now I findВ

It's only in my dreamsВ


And I can Change the worldВ

We would be the daylight in your universeВ

You will think my love is definitely

Really something goodВ

Baby, if I may change the worldВ

Wooh oh wooh wow wooh oohВ

If I can be a queenВ

Even for a dayВ

I consider you since my kingВ

I have it no other wayВ

And after this our like will ruleВ

This kingdom we have madeВ

Till then simply I'd become a foolВ

Wishing for the dayВ


That I can adjust the worldВ

I would become the sunlight inside your universeВ

You are going to think love my isВ

Seriously something goodВ

Baby, merely could replace the worldВ

Baby, if I could change the worldВ

Wooh wow wooh also wooh oohВ

Ooh yeahВ

And I may Change the worldВ

I would always be the sunlight in the universeВ

You are going to think love my isВ

Really something goodВ

Baby, if I could changeВ

Baby, if I could changeВ

Baby, basically could replace the worldВ

Wooh oh wooh oh wooh ohВ

Ooh yeah

doze: 51

By simply: Krissy and Erica

Scrolling through my cellphone for the 20th time todayВ

Studying that textual content you delivered me againВ

Though My spouse and i memorized it anyway

It absolutely was in afternoon in December

When it told you during

When we bumped into every single otherВ

Nevertheless, you didn't state hi trigger I appeared awayВ

And perhaps that was the biggest problem of my life

And maybe My spouse and i haven't shifted since in the evening

Cause it's 12: 51 and I thought my feelings were goneВ

But I am just lying on my bed, thinking about you once again

And the celestial body overhead shines therefore bright, although I have to dry these types of tears tonightВ Cause you're moving on and I'm certainly not that good to hold on any longerВ

Oh also oh also... В

I then saw you with her

Didn't think you'd find another

And the world merely seemed to crash

Shouldn't possess thought this may last

[ Lyrics from: html ] And perhaps that was your biggest mistake of my entire life

And maybe We haven't moved on since that night

Cause it's 12: 51 and I believed my thoughts were absent

But Now i am lying in the bed, thinking of you again

And the celestial satellite shines therefore bright, yet I need to dry these kinds of tears tonite Cause you aren't moving on and I'm certainly not that solid to hold on any longer

Because the heavens outside gets brighter

And my eyes start to tire

Now i'm slowly drowningВ

In thoughts of him

And I understand it shouldn't subject

As my personal heart begins to shatter

I'm left to wonder

Precisely how it should had been... yeah... В

12: fifty-one and I thought my thoughts were eliminated

But Now i'm lying on my bed, Now i am not thinking about you again

And the moon shines therefore bright, nevertheless I need to dry these types of tears this evening Cause most likely moving on and I'm certainly not that strong to hold about

Cause I am going to prove you wrong which i can proceed through this song So much stronger.

Mister. Know it all

By: Kelly Clarkson

Mr know it all

Well ya think you know it all

But ya how to start a thing at all

Ain't it something y'all

When somebody tells you some thing bout you

Think that that they know you more than one does

So you consider it straight down another supplement to take

Mr provide me straight down

Well en este momento like to take me down don't ya

But We ain't laying down, baby

We ain't going down

Can't nobody tell me how it's gonna be

Nobody likely to make a fool out of myself

Baby you need to know that I lead not comply with


Also you think that you understand me, know me

Therefore I'm leaving you lonely, lonely

Cause baby you don't understand a thing about me

An individual know some thing about me personally

You isn't got the justification to tell me

When and where to go, simply no right to show me

Acting just like you own myself lately

Yep baby you don't know a thing about myself

You don't know a thing about me

Mr play your games

Simply got yourself to blame

When you wish me back again

But I ain't slipping back again

Cause I'm living my truth without the lies

Discussing be clear baby this is...

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